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Epoxy Coatings

If you are looking for a tough as nails sealant to protect your garage floor consider one of our epoxy coatings. All of our floor systems are specifically designed to maximize performance and strength. The wear and tear of vehicles, grease, and foot traffic can take their toll. We can increase the aesthetics and function of your garage floor. Contact us for a free estimate for polished, utilitarian surface coverage.

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Epoxy Coating Benefits

Moving beyond a bare concrete floor is a great choice for home and shop owners. The most obvious benefit of an epoxy coating is the improved look of the area. Replacing the boring grey of a concrete floor with vibrant, shiny colors makes any work space more productive. Happy workers are hard workers, and finishing the look of a garage surface makes that happen. A properly sealed floor also presents a far more professional appearance. We can make it look almost any way you want. That includes almost any color and flecks of quartz, vinyl, glitter, glow in dark, fluorescent, and metallic particles for a brilliant look. This gives clients the right idea about your garage the minute they walk through the door. With all the hard work, knowledge, and experience you have, should your floor not show that as well? Give us a call to learn more about this great upgrade to your floor.

epoxy-flooringAs a painter, we know that epoxy coatings are so much more than purely aesthetic. Untreated concrete can absorb oils, greases, and other chemicals. These stains are permanent and we have to cut into the concrete to remove them. A coating, however, prevents this from happening, turning a long term stain into a quick clean up. If you are in the middle of working on a project, do you want to have to stop for a cleanup? With an epoxy coating, you can finish what you are doing and worry about it later. A coating also helps prevent chips and scrapes that are equally permanent. Falling tools and other heavy things can cause long term damage that you do not need. Let us create the efficient work space you need to be the best at what you do. This applies to home concrete floors just as much as it applies to commercial shop floors. Slip resistance is as important to the home owner as it is to a business owner. We are standing by to be your painter! Do not hesitate to call!

When we apply your epoxy coating, the first step is proper prep work. As an experienced painter, we know that simply slapping down your coating without first preparing the area will not give the results you want. When you work with us, we clean your concrete, fill any chips or cracks, and then apply your epoxy coating. The cleaning process actually gets down into the porous surface of the concrete. Let us get the job done right the first time! Call now!

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