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Garage Floor Sealing

Our painting company does garage floor sealing, making it easier to clean and maintain, and leaves a smooth, polished look. We take all the necessary precautions prior to sealing, including cleaning and filling any cracks or grooves. We don’t cut corners because we stand behind the work we do! For all types of floor systems, we will expertly apply sealant giving you a long lasting, durable protection for years to come.

Garage Floor Sealing OrlandoGarage floor sealing
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Sealing Garage Floors

Prior to sealing, we use industrial cleaners to make sure the surface is properly cleaned. Our cleaning products lift even the most stubborn of stains. You will be amazed overtime how deep oil, dirt, dust, was, and grease can penetrate. Once your floor is free from radical pollutants, we choose the proper sealant that matches your needs and budget. When we do a garage floor sealing, we take in consideration how much foot and vehicular traffic it will sustain. This is vital to choosing a product with the right durability. Have you ever seen a garage floor that had been sealed that is peeling or blistering? This is because the right product was not matched for the space. This is where our years of experience and expertise are put to work for you. We have been do garage floor sealing’s on residential and commercial homes for years and we know the unique challenges of both.

Applying your coating takes an expert eye, and we will make sure the sealant is evenly applied. This will provide a nice smooth contour and even protection. Sealing garage floors is the best way to protect your garage floor from oil, grease, gas, and other contaminants. A garage floor sealing will allow for easy cleanup, too! Think how nice walking barefoot in your garage will be! We offer many types of sealants, from epoxy to weather proof coatings. Epoxy coatings are thick, mask imperfections, and act as a hardening agent. This adds tensile strength to concrete. Even better, they come in lots of colors and patterns so you can customize your look! Protection for your floor and your feet that looks great? What a deal! There are no down sides to having a garage floor sealing. Making the integrity of your home or business last is a savvy consumer choice. With so much capital in your investment, taking small steps for prevention is smart! Our expert painters would be happy to come to you and give a free estimate. Let us come out and look at the condition of your garage floor. We can give you recommendations on our high grade products. Often times product labels read like stereo instructions, but we know what to look for and can help! Give us a call today and let us help you protect your garage floor. With ease of scheduling, great customer service, and quality workmanship, we give you only the best!

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We do garage floor sealing in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and all surrounding areas.